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Extraordinarily warm winter wear. Three styles to choose from. Light weight, flexible and super soft. High A/C, Fall & Winter environments. Pop the collar for added warmth on a cold winter’s day. 95% Polar fleece 5% Lycra.

Northern Exposure – NEW ! Tourquiose, grey, cream & black navajo inspired Moose print accented with charcoal grey polo collar, set-in sleeves and waistband.

Pink Chevron – Chevron stripes in shades of pink, white, grey & black accented with charcoal grey polo collar, set-in sleeves and waistband. 

Jug Head – Bold maroon & black chevron stripe body, polo collar, set-in sleeves and waistband. 


Our Sphynx Cat Wear clothing line is made from soft, breathable cotton stretch fabrics. These are the same durable and comfortable fabrics that we’ve all come to love and wear on a daily basis. Sphynx Cat Wear, the Original sphynx clothing company.

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We are the proud owners of Sphynx cats. If you have a Sphynx you know how this goes. We treat them as family. Over the years we have searched for clothes to protect our cats and keep them cozy. Growing tired of throwing money away on dog clothes that not only did not fit but are dangerous if the cat were to get tangled in them.

Surprised to learn that there was nothing available. After years of creating and testing the “purr-fect fit”, we developed a line of high fashion, high function clothes that fit the Sphynx like a glove. Worry-free, hip and stylish Sphynx Cat Wear. Tailored clothing designed exactly for the sphynx body type and does not impede your cat’s mobility.

Sphynx Cat Wear is a hit on the runway but there is more to Sphynx Cat Wear than fashion. We are not about playing dress up with our cats. The clothes serve a purpose by keeping the cats warm, clean and safe. Go longer between bathing your naked cat. Sphynx Cat Wear protects their skin from sunburn, dirt, dust and the cold. The fabric also absorbs body oils.

FINALLY clothing that looks great and fits! Best of all, Sphynx Cat Wear keeps your Sphynx warm on a chilly day, looking cool around the house or out on the town.

POLAR FLEECE Size Chart – Sphynx Cat Wear, the Original sphynx clothing company.

This is recommended for the petite sphynx, which are shorter in length. Also, not made in a turtleneck.

This is recommended for the average sphynx, the long and sleek. Adult size being the typical size.

This is for the Big Boys and Big Girls with the nice pear bottoms!

Use the sizing guide to ensure fit. We recommend SCW adult sizes for cats 8 months and older. Junior sizes for 6 months and older. If you have concerns about the proper fit or if your cat does not meet our size requirements, please contact us by email with your sizing specifications.

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